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Leadership Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is designed for successful executives and high potentials. The process leverages the psychology of successful people assuming a high level of self-determination and agility to move rapidly from awareness to acceptance, through to action.

We Guarantee Positive Results

More than 95% of leaders who go through the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process measurably improve their leadership effectiveness according to their stakeholders.

This means that not only do leaders actually improve, but their improvement is recognized by those they work with, powerfully building their personal leadership brand equity.

SCC : Top benefits

  • Focus on changing leadership behavior of top executives the ‘visible’ & ‘impactful’ piece. You can measure the perceived change, link it to business outcomes, & track the ROI.
  • Real-time, on-the-job process requires no extra-valuable time from busy executives.
  • Emphasis on disciplined execution & consistent follow-up sustains the change & ensures long-term effectiveness.
  • Research shows more than 95% leaders succeed due to this.
  • Engaging the system makes leadership growth translate into practical benefits with regard to how everyone communicates, collaborates, and works together.
  • Leaders become coaches using the same process & those coached can also do the same resulting in leadership development & a coaching culture.

SCC Process

The fundamental principles of SCC – attention on the stakeholders (the people most affected by the behavior the leader is trying to change), emphasis on the future, and parallel behavior/perception change – are distinguishing features of this guaranteed successful process. Successful executives and high potential individuals and leaders have a strong desire to further improve and become even more successful. These leaders are committed to their success as well as the success of their teams and organizations.

Once the areas for leadership growth have been defined using the Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, we measure leadership growth every 3-6 months using our Leadership Growth Progress Review (LGPR mini-survey). This is a short survey to measure the stakeholders’ perception of the leadership growth in the predefined leadership growth areas. Our research shows that 95% of the leaders who consistently involved their stakeholders in the process measurably improved their leadership effectiveness. This study is described ‘Leadership is a contact sport’ (Strategy & Business) by Marshall Goldsmith.

How is different from Traditional Coaching

  • We guarantee at the outset of the coaching process that the leader will measurably improve throughout the one year coaching engagement as assessed by the leader’s boss, direct reports and/or other stakeholders only. Neither the leader nor the coach determine success, stakeholders do.
  • We do not charge hours, so leaders can use as many coaching hours as they require assure their leadership growth.
  • The process is replicable, so our entire team can coach the same way different individuals with the same positive results.
  • Coaching fees are subject to measurable leadership growth as assessed by stakeholders. We get paid if there is progress.

The pivotal question for leaders and sponsors is: If the leader measurably improves in 1-2 leadership growth areas as above how much value would that create for the organization? The most common answer of leaders, bosses (sponsors) and HR professionals is: ‘INVALUABLE’.

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