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The Engaging Leader

Welcome to the Engaging Leader, a program designed to help new and existing managers to become a leader everybody wants to have.

Clearly the single most important variable in employee engagement is the quality of the relationship between employees and their direct managers or supervisors. Two recent studies, at Google and Facebook, have demonstrated that the qualities of a great manager/leader is related to how they treat their employees.

Of course, many other things drive engagement, things such as pay, benefits, work culture, etc. What is clear is that these have a minor role in engagement; it is the direct manager the biggest driver of engagement.

The Challenge

According to Gallup, naturally talented managers are rare. Gallup’s research has discovered that only about one person in 10 has the natural talent to be a great manager. Therefore it is important to support and train new and existing managers and give them the right tools to succeed, to engage their direct reports.

The Solution

Our program, “The Engaging leader” is designed to help individuals to become the leader that everybody wants to have. It is built on research, a positive mindset and practical tools of management. When these are put together, the result is a program that works. A program that will allow a manager to become the leader that everybody wants to have.

The Mindset

Mindset is the real game changer. Mindset is the foundation beneath the teachings and systems of all successful motivational speakers, teachers, trainers and change initiatives. Mindset is what makes the difference between failing and achieving, between making it or breaking it. Mindset is what sets the super achievers apart from the rest. Mindset is powerful beyond measure. Knowing that can but not doing, is the same as not knowing.

What is mindset anyway? I use this word every day but let’s define it just in case:

In decision theory and general systems theory, a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by an individual that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.
~ Wikipedia.

Or as we define it, mindset is what you believe and decide to do based on those beliefs.

In order to make sure people get into the right mindset, the one of an engaging caring leader, the first part of the program has three components.

  • Clarifying and finding purpose, why are you here?
  • What is your role as an engaging leader?
  • Understanding the role of Employee Engagement.

In short the mindset is important because it determines how we think about and interpret situations, our emotional reactions, the decisions we make, and the actions we take. The mindset directly impacts the quality of our relationships, the interactions we have, and the way we lead. It also sets the tone for our organization and determines the kind of experiences people have in their work lives. Having the right mindset will allow us to apply the concepts into our daily work and most importantly to be emotionally aware of the effects of our behaviors in the performance of our team.

The Assessments

The enterprise edition of the program participants will have two assessments done. One before the start of the course and one 120 days after they finish the course.

  1. The first assessment, the direct reports will assess their competencies as an engaging leader based on a series of questions about known behaviors that make an engaging leader.
    1. The participant is expected to review their feedback with their supervisor.
    2. The participant will identify one to two areas for improvement and discuss these areas for improvement with their manager.

120 days after the initial assessment, and once you finish the training a mini-survey will be sent to your direct reports to assess the progress the participant has made based on the behaviors identified in the first assessment. The participant will share the results with his/her direct manager.

The Tools and Behaviours

The third component of the program is a series of management tools that will allow you to become an engaging manager.   There are a number of behaviors that make an engaging leader.  Two or more management tools support each one of those behaviors. When practiced consistently with the right mindset, it will allow the participant to make decisions, to manage, to lead in a way that is consistent with the research and become an engaging, caring and an effective leader.

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